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Our founder and general factotum, David Low, believes learning about new technologies should always fun. He and his team of experts write about Oracle database stuff. Everything from database development to operational performance tuning. They tell stories that explain the complexities of building and running massive databases for the financial world in an easy to understand manner. They pride themselves in demystifying Oracle terminology in layman’s terms.

How live video is changing professional training

The closest match to classroom training in the web-based arena is using a live video connection between the participants and the trainer. This is often termed as a Training Webinar. Most people are familiar using live video, with Skype or FaceTime, for communicating...

Phil Jenkinson joins the team

We welcome Phil Jenkinson to the LuxTech team as our Lead Trainer. Phil is a graduate from Cambridge University, where he studied Mathematics and Quantum Physics.Phil is a fully accredited Oracle University trainer who can, and does frequently, teach all...

Oracle database impacted by accident on A6

It was Monday the 1st of October 2012 and it was Alberto’s turn to do the early shift at the office. He is a Business Analyst and needed to arrive at 0700 in order to run a few Trade reports for his boss. It was 0630 as he started his car journey from his home in...

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