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IT Training - luxtechconsulting

Our Courses

We offer a full range of Oracle Database training, for both Database Administrators and Application Developers. Our Administrator courses include basic administration, backup and recovery, performance tuning, and High Availability solutions such as Grid Infrastructure (Clusterware and ASM), RAC database, and DataGuard. Our Developer courses include SQL, PL/SQL and SQL statement tuning.

We also offer MySQL database training for both Administrators and Developers.

All our courses closely match the corresponding Oracle University courses, in both content and technical level. So your delegates receive exactly the same content and quality as an Oracle University course, but at a fraction of the cost. We can deliver the training either online as a web class, or onsite at your premises.

In case a course does not exactly fit your needs, we can tailor the training to your exact requirements. For example, you may need some but not all topics in a course; we can then deliver exactly what you need in less time, so lower cost to you. And, we can combine content from different courses. Each course is like a modular set of Lego bricks, which can be combined in many different ways.

Each delegate is a provided with a free Virtual Machine (VM) containing all the course content. Delegates use their VM to practise their new skills during the course itself, and can keep it after the course for later practice and review.

All our trainers are Oracle accredited and leading the team is Phil Jenkinson who has over 25 years experience working with Oracle University.

So in summary: Oracle University content and quality, at far less cost !

Our most popular course on the Developer track is “SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals“ which gives delegates a good foundation in both languages.

On the DBA track Administration Workshop, Back up and Recovery and Performance Tuning are very popular. On the MySQL path it’s the Administrators course that is most requested.

Remember we can tailor the courses, each one of the classes described has the maximum number of days specified. If you want a course shortened, we can evaluate this and see if it fits with the learning path.

Please contact us below on which course is of interest specifying the course and version of Oracle that you require.


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