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How live video is changing professional training - luxtechconsulting

The closest match to classroom training in the web-based arena is using a live video connection between the participants and the trainer. This is often termed as a Training Webinar.

Most people are familiar using live video, with Skype or FaceTime, for communicating with family and friends. The top three players in the live video for the business market are Cisco Webex Training, Skype for Business and Zoom.

These business applications extend live video functionality, the following features being particularly relevant for training:-

  • Screen and File sharing
  • Taking control of a student’s PC.
  • Sharing of virtual whiteboards, which can be beneficial for brainstorming.
  • Messages can be sent privately or to the whole class.
  • The Trainer can ask students multiple choice questions using Polls. 

However, trainers do need to adapt their style to maximize the potential of using live video applications. Keeping a class attentive and communicating complex material is more challenging than an open classroom session face to face. 

As more trainers become accustomed to live video the more significant the pool of expertise becomes.

Students can access trainers with the click of a button.

To have experts available all over the world able to deliver their training materials effectively over the Internet is a game changer. It’s one of the reasons why live video is a fascinating technology in a training context.

Large Corporations have taken notice and Oracle has closed their training centres worldwide, substituting their classroom training with Live Virtual Classes using WebEx Training Center. They only offer classroom training via their partner’s centres. 

However, some people will undoubtedly miss classroom training, and if a local training expert is available or an expert is willing to travel, then it still can make sense. Moreover, some people could miss going to new places and meeting new people on a training course. Training systems are very productive over live video, but it’s not a direct replacement to meeting people face to face.

Nevertheless, as time passes, we will likely grow more accustomed to the conveniences of technical training solutions. Even a “replacement” for face to face communication is on the horizon – the use of, to quote Cisco, “holographic telepresence to bring digital participants and remote location into the class in 3D”! I’m sure our Trainers would love to be “teleported” around from place to place! It’s not science fiction; Cisco is currently working on Hologram solutions and London Imperial College has recently started using ‘Hologram’ lecturers to teach students.

Hologram technology is becoming a reality

However, the solutions we have available today from live video providers is already an important first step forward and costs of setting up a hologram seminar is still very expensive. 

At Luxtech we offer Oracle training in both live video and classroom formats, differentiating them by price point. With live video, we economise on the classroom and trainer travelling costs. We use WebEx Training Center as our trainers are very familiar using the product with Oracle University. It’s very stable and very effective in providing training courses.

For courses given over the internet we provide a virtual machine, that can be downloaded and set up by delegates locally, containing a fully working Oracle environment with the course and exercises. The VM can be taken away by students and used for practice after the course has finished.

Follow the link below to see our Oracle training offerings. All our courses provide Oracle University quality at a much lower price. Specify your requirements, and we will give you a quotation.