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Phil Jenkinson joins the team - luxtechconsulting

We welcome Phil Jenkinson to the LuxTech team as our Lead Trainer. Phil is a graduate from Cambridge University, where he studied Mathematics and Quantum Physics.

Phil is a fully accredited Oracle University trainer who can, and does frequently, teach all courses we provide at the Oracle University. He is also one of the few MySQL accredited trainers in Europe.

Phil’s enthusiasm for training comes through in his delivery style. He helps make learning enjoyable and can explain complex subjects in simple understandable language. His ability to ‘think out of the box’ allows him to constantly adapt his training to the level and requirements of his class.

Phil will deliver his training in English but has taught for Oracle in most European countries (including Luxembourg), so he knows how to communicate effectively with delegates whose first language is not English. He also speaks reasonable French, and fluent Turkish – although Phil himself admits that may not be much use in Luxembourg !