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Tuning Oracle DB 11g

This course describes how to use automatic adjustment features of Oracle Database 11g , including advisory functions STA ( SQL Tuning Advisor ) and SAA ( SQL Access Advisor ), the AWR repository (Automatic Workload Repository) and ADDM monitor ( Automatic Database diagnostic Monitor) . It deals specifically setting tasks for the database administrator (DBA ) : reactive tuning of SQL statements, maintaining their performance and adjustment of components of an Oracle Database . Throughout the courses, workshops can practice the art of setting an Oracle instance.


  • Describe Oracle adjustment methodology
  • Identify problematic SQL statements and adjust their performance
  • Use the tools provided by Oracle to monitor and identify problems requiring SQL statements setting or instance
  • Monitor the performance of an instance with Enterprise Manager
  • Use the advisory functions of the database to proactively correct performance problems
  • Set the components of an instance with the associated parameters